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3 Stages – One Festival

Festival around the hottest abbreviations in tech right now: IoT, AR/VR and AI.
Undoubtedly the Internet of Things, Augmented/Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in tomorrow’s technologies and everyday life.
RIOT is Europe’s first festival focusing on those fields while making those topics experienceable.

  • The festival will feature:
    An expo area showcasing cutting-edge tech especially featuring 100 handpicked startups that participate in our SPARK program
  • 8 master classes to deep-dive into IoT, AR/VR and AI
  • Top lineup of keynotes and panel discussions
  • Lots of great people from the startup, investor and corporate world
  • Drinks, music and networking all (day and) night long




    09:30  09:35Opening
    09:35  10:00Terminator vs. Mickey Mouse – Getting real about AI
    Manuel Koelman (PIRATE)
    10:00  10:30

    What‘s going to be next big disruption?

    Michael Stephanblome (Factor10)

    10:30 11:00Panel – Virtual Reality: technology, possibilities, and stories
    Moderator: Sara Lisa Vogl (VRBASE) / Mark Ryan (Ultrahack), Marcy Boyle (hotbitvr), Steven Boylan (TIME:RIFT:TOURS), Philipp Steuer (VIRE)
    11:00 11:30 Think ahead – exploring disruptive opportunities with IoT and AI
    Adrian Hornsby (Amazon AWS)
    11:30 12:00 Fireside chat – Global efforts around hardware prototyping
    Moderator: Bay McLaughlin (Brinc) / Benjamin Carlu (Usine io),
    Narimasa Makino (Makers Boot Camp japan)
    12:00 12:15

    When IoT joins the SMEs mix

    Leo Monastyrski (Wayra Germany)

    12:20 12:40Made in China Europe: A look into hardware manufacturing
    Benjamin Carlu (Usine io)
    12:40 13:00

    Building the IoT platform of the future

    Conall Laverty (wia)

    13:00 13:30

    You‘re already behind… why China matters NOW!  

    Bay McLaughlin (Brinc)

    13:30 14:00Investor‘s roundtable – Investing in IoT: what to look for and how to go about it
    Moderator: Jenny Fielding (Techstars) / Christian Lindener (Wayra Germany),
    Christian Nagel (Earlybird), Olaf Erichsen (Heldenkombinat), Fabian J.G. Westerheide (Asgard)
    14:00 14:30

    Where are we going with voice-driven experiences?

    Yann Lechelle (Snips)

    14:30 14:45Trends, predictions, and ideas for IoT startups
    Cansu Deniz Bayrak (Startupbootcamp)
    14:45  15:15Panel – Tomorrow‘s path: creating sustainable cities with IoT
    Moderator: Colin Hannah / Pedro Silva (NOA), Damien Declercq (Local Motors),
    Surbhi Maghan (Jugnoo), Nils Rossmeisl (DRIVY)
    15:15  15:30

    Disrupting industrial transport in the air

    Daniel Stecher (IBS)

    15:30 15:45

    Towards trustworthy security in IoT

    Haydn Povey (IoT Security Foundation)

    15:45  16:15

    What‘s now and what‘s next: Smart homes

    Jeff Katz (Geeny)

    16:15  16:30Boost your Business – Strong Platform Partners for Startups
    Robin Westermann (Deutsche Telekom)
    16:30 16:45

    Industry 4.0: trends and predictions  

    Milda Jasaite (Earlybird)

    16:45  17:15

    Industrial IoT – the disruption of manufacturing

    Felix Plitzko (Aisler)

    17:15 17:30

    Relax. AI is Here to Help

    Milena Marinova (Intel)

    17:30 18:00AI & impact of tech on society
    Moderator: Andrei Brasovenau (ACCEL) / Ole Heydekamp –
    (Deutsche Telekom Design), Ben Biron (Wasteless), Baher Al Hakim (Medicus AI)
    18:00 18:30From selling expensive plastic boxes to offering trojan horses,
    How IoT really impacts business models
    Anthony Charbonnier (Sigfox)
    18:30 21:00Closing – Get together & networking

    Learning from the makers and shakers at RIOT Ever wanted to learn about AI but you work in a field that’s not even remotely related? We have good news for you: at RIOT, we’re offering eight interactive masterclasses that will be food for thought. Make, play, learn, and discover at RIOT. Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. With this approach, we have organized eight masterclasses and interactive workshops covering AI, IoT, entrepreneurship, business mindsets, and blockchain to remember, involve you, and learn. To attend the masterclasses, please sign up. You can also come by but we will respect the list. For any free spots, it’s first come, first served!

    10:00 11:00If Deep Learning are the senses, Reinforcement Learning is problem-solving Jorge Davila-Chacon (CTO, Heldenkombinat) Reinforcement Learning (RL) allows computers to learn in real-time by interacting directly with the environment. Join this session for an introduction and to discuss case studies from successful applications in the industry. Even if your background is curiosity, you’re welcome to join!
    11:00 12:00Tech+textiles: making it work Rene Bohne (Startup Manager, Geeny) Learn the basics of DIY Wearables and how to connect them with geeny.io to the Internet of Things. René will give an introduction and talk about some of his projects, but feel free to bring your own smart wearables! If you want to share your experience, you will get time to talk about it. If you are new to this field, you can join and enjoy!
    12:00 13:00The age of collaboration: Managing Turnaround & Growth in today’s IoT world Oliver Krause (Director, Arthur D. Little / Match Maker Ventures) Based on insights from survey results on a survey on Corporate Startup Collaboration from Match Maker Ventures in collaboration with Arthur D. Little, this session will use your own experiences to explore the challenges and experiences around corporate startup collaboration.
    13:00 14:00Quick and easy cellular networks: connecting your project Christian Frock (Field Application Engineer, Huawei Technologies) This highly interactive session will explore how to connect ANY smart object to a cellular network and will explore the different ways to do this process without a hustle. From different kind of devices that could be used in prototyping to proof of concept, this workshop is highly interactive with elements of hands-on experience.
    14:00 15:00Design for (electronics): Manufacturing for IoT-Startups Felix Plitzko (Co-founder and CEO, AISLER) and Patrick Franken (CTO and  Co-Founder, AISLER) Designing electronic circuits (PCBs) seems simple at first, but there are pitfalls that can affect any project. In this session, Felix and Patrick will share from a manufacturer’s perspective how to optimize your designs  – from understanding how manufacturing works to choose the right parts – and how this can help you avoid costly choices.
    15:00 16:00IoT in Azure and startups @Microsoft Bernard O’Flynn (CTO in Residence, Microsoft Accelerator) and Stephan Jacquemot (Startup Strategy Lead Germany, Microsoft) Curious how IoT can have an impact on your business? Bernard and Stephan will explore Microsoft’s approach to supporting startups, dig into how the MS Accelerator in Berlin works, and how you can be part of their exciting program starting in September and then a deep dive into IoT in Azure.
    16:00 17:00Scaling Conversational Interfaces with UX Ole Heydekamp (Creative Director, Deutsche Telekom Design) Everybody needs a chatbot now – Conversational UIs are the new hot shit but how do you deliver true value to your customer? How do you integrate digital assistants into your end-to-end customer journey? This masterclass will give answers, and useful tools and methods.
    17:00 18:00Trusting data with blockchain Dimitri Jonghe (BlockchainDB) We believe that the current systems of power yield unequal outcomes. Decentralized tech such as blockchain promises a solution for inclusion. This workshop gives an overview of the blockchain landscape, and we zoom in on decentralized databases.

Demo your product at RIOT

At RIOT it is all about innovation and the startups that create it. Therefore, RIOT features a big product demo track. If selected for the spark programme you will pitch in front of a jury of leading VC investors and our large audience of industry experts. 

How RIOT works

RIOT will feature four key areas – the Inspire Stage, the Expo Area, the Breakout Room and the Make Space.

Timetable – RIOT Tech Festival

Demo Stage

The stage will feature product demos of exciting products and startups all day long.

Pirate Summit 2015 Image by Dan Taylor dan@heisenbergmedia.com 113

Main Stage

Discussing current innovation and disruption in the IoT and AI field on the big stage. Get inspired by startup and corporate innovators from leading tech companies

Timetable – RIOT Tech Festival

Engine Room

The Engine Room provides a cosy space for interactive Master Classes, hands-on sessions and discussions.

Timetable – RIOT Tech Festival

Expo Area

In the Expo area, startups will show off their products and makers will showcase their latest demos and hacks.

See you in Berlin

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